La Maison d'Antan - Bionaz

Summer in Aosta Valley

Bionaz is a small town of Valle D’Aosta, best known for its naturalness and its pristine landscape. There are several activities you can engage in in the great outdoors, both during the summer and winter season.

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Summer activities in Aosta Valley

Here are some suggestions for experiencing the Valle d’Aosta in summer: Nordic walking, walking, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, fishing …

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking - Valle d'Aosta, Bionaz

This is a new and fascinating athletic discipline that helps you to keep in shape while staying in the great outdoors. A sport for everyone, a way to reconcile the body and mind, immersed in the silence of nature. The Nordic Walking Park extends along the woods, where you will find many well-marked trails.


Wlaks - Valle d'Aosta, Bionaz

To see the artificial lake of the Place Moulin’dike, one of the largest in Europe, in the beautiful setting of the valley of Bionaz at the foot of the Dent d’Herens (4171 mt). The Walk along the dike, about 6 km away, is accessible to all. Do not miss The Montagnayes reserve, the largest in the Valle d’Aosta. At the end of the path there is the “Rifugio Praraye”, to enjoy traditional mountain dishes. A few steps from the Maison, you will find a beautiful mountain lake, Lake Lexert, surrounded by pine trees, equipped areas for picnics and various trails that will take you into the enchanted forest, between the rustic villages and up to old mines.


Trekking - Valle d'Aosta, Bionaz

Bionaz is renowned for the spectacular excursion itineraries located in this many vales. Go trekking in Alpine refuges such as Prarayer, Crète Sèche, Nacamuli and Aosta where you can savour a traditional lunch, in bivouacs or the hill country, to truly experience life in the mountains. During your rambles you will discover alpine flora, fauna and evocative alpine lakes.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing - Valle d'Aosta, Bionaz

In the hamlet of Les Crètes will find a fixed rope route, rock climbing of varying difficulty, a fully equipped gym and a climbing wall. A short nature trail will take you to the panoramic point of “Gaules”, where you can admire a beautiful landscape.


Mountaineering - Valle d'Aosta, Bionaz

The town of Bionaz is the starting point for various mountaineering itineraries such as: the Dent d’Hérens (mt 4.171), the Luseney, the Mont Gelé, the Tète de Valpelline, the Chateau de Dame.


Fishing - Valle d'Aosta, Bionaz

For fishing lovers will find a reserve in the Municipality of Valpelline; you can engage in No Kill techniques such as fly fishing and spinning. Fishing is allowed from May 1st through to the second Sunday of October.

What to see in Aosta Valley in summer

For those who wish to become acquainted with the history of Valle d’Aosta, there are many areas of historical interest in Aosta and the neighbouring areas which you can visit: Aosta Romana, Forte di Bard, Fénis Castle and the Saint-Pierre Castle. For additional information regarding the historical and cultural attractions and events in Valle d’Aosta visit the official web site of the Region of Valle d’Aosta.